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You can imagine the scene. You're getting ready for a date and everything is going well. You look into the mirror and there it is, a dreaded blackhead! The breakout could be due for a number of reasons. Anything from hormones to cleanliness could be the cause. Whatever the reason for the appearance of the blackhead, there are treatments you can use.

A few of the more popular remedies and preventions you can take to combat the blackheads include oral contraceptives and antibiotics. The antibiotics are a great way to get rid of the bacteria which can be the underlying cause in blackheads. They also help on the more pimpled areas of your skin. The oral contraceptives are used to redress the balance of your hormones as too many hormones is another cause of blackheads.

Some more prescription treatments worth a mention include both Tretinoin and Adapalene gel. This gel will help to keep your pores clear and clean but beware of the side effects such as itching and irritation, dryness and sickness. And if you are using birth control pills, please note that the Adapalene will reduce the effectiveness of the pills!

The Tretinoin comes in lotion form. it is also available as a cream or gel. Use this to help unblock the pores. Tretinoin should only be used as a short course but users agree the results are usually good.

Some more treatments/remedies include Benzoyl Peroxide. This comes under many brand names and helps to overcome the strong bacteria that is involved in the production and growth of blackheads.

Anti-Androgen products will help to lessen the production of the natural oil seburn and comedone. It will also aid in the prevention of hormone production that accelerates the problems with blackheads.

A solution called Proactiv® Solution which was made by a high ranking dermatologist is used to combat the blackheads. It works as a 3 step system of a combination of high strength ingredients to help solve the difficulties.

Retinoids and Salicylic Acid which are found in some products help to decongest the skin pores by removing any dead skin cells to help clear your skin.

As a daily routine, hot water and soap at least twice daily. Always was the spotty areas with a gentle motion. Never go harsh as this will irritate the skin. Rinse well and pat dry.

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