Blackheads and Smoking

We all have our own theories regarding blackheads and the various factors that will affect the treatment and removal of them. But if you're a smoker, will you have less of a chance of a quick cure?

Numerous studies have been carried out to find out the exact effect of smoking and how plays in the treatments of blackhead removal. But as of yet, nothing concrete or solid results have been established.

Make no doubt about it that smoking will greatly slow down any treatment of blackheads. We don't know if smoking will actually cause the onset of blackheads but if you wish to see faster results, it's best to kick the habit.

But if you can't kick the deadly weed try not to make things even worse when outdoors in the summer time

It has not been scientifically established but many people believe sunlight has the power to reduce blackheads. This is based on the fact that the rays of sunshine help to lower the amount of bacteria in the skin.

On the flip side, to much sun is well known to be harmful to the skin and can cause an aged look. And as a worst case scenario, too much sun can play a part in the formation of skin cancer.

Many medications used in the treatment of blackheads can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight and you may find that you don't need to exposed to the sun for too long before the sunburn starts.

Be sensible and know your limits when it comes to your exposure to sunlight.

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