Blackhead Myths

There are many folklores and much hear say about what causes blackheads and pimples. There is an equal amount of speculation or so called fact in regards to what works best in the treatment. Too much information. But there are a few common beliefs which keep coming up over and over again. Lets discuss 4 of them below.

Myth number 1 - More washing means less spots

Too much of a good thing is not always a good thing. Although you must keep the surface of the skin clean and the pores of the skin free from dirt and dead skin cells, too much washing will actually become a factor in helping the pores in the skin to clog up even more! So you will actually causing blackheads instead of treating them. Twice daily is enough for most people.

Myth number number 2 - Self pleasure can cause blackheads

To masturbate or not to masturbate. Can this really be a cause of bad skin and blackheads? In a nutshell, NO! This is just one of the ales teachers and parents have told in the past to stop teenagers from playing with themselves in that certain way. This tale has been batted around but there is no basis for it and it is not true.

Myth number 3 - Blackheads can be caused by stress.

This can be true. Blackheads can be caused by an internal imbalance of hormones. And your stress levels can affect your hormone levels so it is possible. However, try not to worry about this factor as it will only raise your levels of stress and .....well, you know the rest.

Myth number 4 - bad diet plays a part

Bad foods such as lovely chocolate and other things we all love but we know is not good for us all is often blamed in the cause of bad skin and blackheads. But we have all seen certain people who carry on with a bad diet and they don't have a single spot or blackhead. How could this be? The simple answer is, everyone is different. But for the majority of us, diet and what we eat does play a massive factor with regards to the quality of our skin. A good quality diet should not be overlooked. Yes, there are a few which diet does not seem to affect, but maybe they're just freaks!

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