Blackhead Facts

So throughout this site you have heard the term 'whiteheads' as well as the main topic of the site which is blackheads. Why that terminology and what is the difference?

Acne starts by developing on the follicles of hair which have sebaceous glands attached. The glands produce a naturally occurring oil called seburn. For various reasons, the oil seburn changes in type and amount to give the hair follicle scales. It is this which blocks the pores of the skin to cause acne.

The initial stages of the blockage presents itself as a whitehead or a blackhead. These are also known by the term 'comedones'. The comedone is a follicle that is congested and full of seburn and dirt. An open comedone is referred to as a blackhead because of the colour of its appearence. A closed or blocked comedone is referred to as a whitehead. This is usually a bump or pimple presenting itself as a small elevation in the skin surface.

Whether you have blackheads, whiteheads or both. Don't squeeze them. Why? You run the risk of causing an infection or even leaving a permanent scar. We discuss elsewhere in this site as the best course of action if you feel you need to squeeze but if you have the time. It is always best to seek the advice of a dermatologist.

And always remember the basics. Wash twice daily with warm water and mild soap to remove excess oils and dead skin particles. Your skin may take a little while to clear up so don't hasten the procedure by scrubbing your skin as this will make it worse.

Patience is the key. Try to rush or take shortcuts could leave you with permanent damage

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