Blackhead Treatment with Chemical Peel

Before you learn how to treat blackheads with chemical peeling, you need to fully understand about blackheads.

Blackheads and whiteheads usually indicate the first signs of acne. This takes development on the follicles of hair which usually have the sebaceous glands attached to the hair.

These glands in turn then produce a natural oil called seburn. For whatever unknown reason, the seburn varies in the amount produced which can result in scales on the hair follicle. it is the scales which block the skin pores which in turn causes the acne to begin.

So what you see is a zit, be it a blackhead or a whitehead. In a nutshell, the follicle is plugged tight and filled up with the seburn oil, dead skin cells and dirt.

An open but blocked pore is the blackhead and the closed but blocked pore is the whitehead. This one is the common zit, the small pimple.

The blackhead is black in colour not because of dirt but the colour is the reaction to the seburn oil being exposed to air.

As you may have already encountered, blackheads can be problematic to remove successfully. Even with medication, sometime they are still there, all present and proud. This is the time the chemical peel is brought onto the scene.

The qualified person who performs the chemical peel should be just that, qualified. The procedure involves applying a chemical onto the surface of the skin for a given period of time. The time the chemical is left on the surface of the skin is dependent on the strength of the chemical.

As the name suggests, the chemical peels of the micro layer of the top skin surface and as the new skin heals, any scaring or previous blemishes have now been shed.

The term chemical can conjure up images in the mind of skin burning red when the chemical is applied but fear not. The chemical used to make up the peel is very mild and is usually on the skin for only 10 minutes or so.

The skin which comes away with the peel will usually be the dead skin cells with the blackheads attached.

This treatment is not something you get over the counter and you will need to consult your doctor or G.P. before taking the next step.

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